Dr GR Public school is a co-educational English medium school that follows the CBSE curriculum.

Children are offered all the subjects specified by the CBSE English, Hindi -language and literature, Malayalam as the third language, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Social Science, Science & Technology, Health and Physical Education, Art and Value education, General Knowledge, Personality Development and Computer skills – on the guidelines specified by NCERT. At the same time, with a composite vision of moulding children in to Universal Citizens as deemed by Dr G Ramachandran.

The teaching ideology of Dr GR, is based on the theory of multiple intelligence with the belief, that given a chance, each child can achieve its goals in the area of his interest and aptitude. Dr GR Public School, as mentioned elsewhere, is committed to provide children choices, guidance, and encouragement along with the finest learning experience. A holistic approach to Education is made possible with a savvy of activities that include projects, field trips, interviews, music, dramatics, story sessions and above all interludes of interactions with Sister Mythili – our Managing Trustee.

Scheme Of Studies

The subjects of classes

The subjects of classes I to V VI to VIII IX & X
English English Communicative English Communicative
Hindi Hindi Course B Hindi Course B / Malayalam
Malayalam Malayalam Mathematics
Mathematics Mathematics, Science Science
E V S Social Studies Social Studies

Science Stream Commerce Stream
English Core English core
Physics Accountancy
Chemistry Bussiness Studies/Maths
Biology Entrepreneurship
Maths Economics
General Studies Physical Education
Physical Education Malayalam

Board Examination Results

The results itself is the proof of our performance in the CBSE Board level which hitherto had been not less than 100%. For instance‚ this year.

A GR Student should always be

  • Truthful and honest whatever happens & at whatever cost.
  • Gentle, kind and courteous to elders, teachers and to each other.
  • Loyal responsible and dutiful to the Country, to the school and to your parents.
  • Ready to help the elders, parents and teachers in whatever manner they can.
  • Participate in all the school activities, gain knowledge and develop your personality consciously.
  • Kind and sympathetic to poor, weak, sick and old.



Classes Uniform
I to III Brown half pants, Brown and White check shirt, Black shoe, Black socks and school belt.
IV & V Brown half pants, Brown and White check shirt, Black shoe, Black socks and school belt.
VI to X Brown full pants, Brown and White check shirt, Black shoe, Black socks and school belt.
XI & XII Grey full pants, grey and white check shirt, black shoe, black socks and belt.


Classes Uniform
I to V Brown skirt, Brown and White check shirt, Black shoes and Black socks Classes IV & V Brown skirt, Brown and White check shirt, Black Shoes and black socks.
VI to X Brown Salwar, Brown & White check Kamiz and Brown & White check waist coat, Black shoes, black socks. Use only black ribbon for tying the hair in two plaits.
XI & XII Grey salwar, grey and white check Kamiz, grey and white check waist coat, black shoe and black socks.


Classes Uniform
I to XII[Boys] White Khadi Pyjama and Jubha, WhiteShoes and White socks.
VI to X White Khadi Pyjama and Jubha, White Shoes and White socks.
XI & XII On Fridays girls must use only white ribbon for tying the hair in two plaits.

The school is divided into four houses.

Pioneer Orange
Challenger Turquise blue
Voyager Violet
Explorer Maroon

Each house is under the charge of a House Master assisted by other associated House Teachers and House Captains and Vice Captains selected by members of the House.


Assembly Prayers

“Asathoma Sath Gamaya
Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya
Mrithioma Amrithamgamaya”
Om Tat Sat Sree Narayanan Nee
Purushothama Guru Nee
Siddha Buddha Nee,
Skantha Vinayaka Savitha Pavaka Nee
Brahma Mazde Nee,
Yahova Sakthi Nee
Yesupitha Prabhu Nee
Rudhra Vishnu Nee,
Ramakrishnan Nee Rahimadhavo Nee
Vasudevago Viswaroopanee,
Chithananda Hari Nee Advadeeyan Nee,
Akalanirbhyan- Athmalinga Sivan Nee
Om Tat Sat Sree Narayanan Nee Purushothama Guru Nee
“Mathru Devo Bhava Pithru Devo Bhava Acharya Devo Bhava”

Om Santhi, Santhi, Santhi ! Namasthe

God help us Guide us throughout this day In our work and in our play Give us strength to speak only the truth In whatever we say God helps to be good students in every way

Divine Mother, Receive this food. Make it holy. Let no impurity of greed defile it. The food comes from Thee. It is for Thy temple. Spiritualize it. Spirit to spirit it goes. We are the petals of Thy manifestation, But thou art the flower, Its Life, Beauty. Permeate our souls with the fragrance of Thy presence.

Thank You God!! For helping us throughout this day in our work and in our play May we come with a spirit of gay to our school Tomorrow and every day.

[These are the Yama & Niyama codes prescribed by Pathanjali Raja Yoga,adapted by Mahatma Gandhi as the 11 vows to be followed universally]